Research Activities & Grants

Research Grants

Principal Researcher

FRGS/PRGS under Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE)

FRGS19-150-0759 (FRGS/1/2019/TK04/UIAM/02/8) 2019

Project Title : New Non-Invasive Technique via Physiological Signals and Intelligence Machine Learning for Rapid Classification of Stress Level

Amount: RM 87000

PRGS16-007-0038 (PRGS/1/2016/TK04/UIAM/02/10) 2016

Project Title : Magnetic Blood Cells Microseparator for Seggeregating and Harvesting of Single Cell on Lab on Chip Platform

Amount : RM 106000

FRGS13-024-0265 (FRGS/1/2013/TK02/UIAM/03/1) 2013

Project Title : Novel Modelling Of A Bio-Analysis Platform (Biochip) With The Integrated Dielectrophoresis (Dep) And Magnetophoresis (Map) Forces For Particles Manipulations.

Amount : RM 100000

Co - Researcher (Internal)

FRGS/PRGS under Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE)

Project Title : RACER19-053-0053 (RACER/1/2019/TK04/UIAM//1) 2019

Structural Studies of Glass-Polymer Composite for More Robust Flexible Wearable Antenna via Injection Moulding Process

Amount : RM 39900


FRGS19-195-0804 (FRGS/1/2019/SS03/UIAM/02/4) 2019

Project Title : Novel Framework For The Implementation of Complex Engineering Problem in Engineering Education (EE) in Malaysia

Amount : RM 77700

FRGS19-098-0707 (FRGS/1/2019/TK04/UIAM/02/14) 2019

Project Title : An Enhanced Automatic Eye Blinks Removal for Single-channel Electroencephalograph Using Adaptive Filter without Reference Electrode

Amount : RM 74588

FRGS16-067-0566 (FRGS/1/2016/TK04/UIAM/02/21) 2016

Project Title : Investigation of Novel Algorithm using Features of Respiratory Sounds Abnormalities for Detection of Lung Cancer

Amount : RM 94200


FRGS14-111-0352 (FRGS/1/2014/TK03/UIAM/02/2) 2014

Project Title : Novel Method to Synthesize Polymeric Biphasic Micro-Particles Using Droplet Microfluidic Lab on a Chip

Amount : RM 107000

MIRGS13-01-002-0002 2013

Project Title : Lard and Alcohol Detection in Food and Beverages using Newly Developed Portable Near Infrared Microspectrometer

Amount : RM 280000

Grants under IIUM

IRAGS18-015-0016 (2018)

Project Title : Classification of Stress Level Using Deep Learning Algorithm Based on Electroencephalograph (EEG) Signals

Amount : RM 20000


RIGS16-349-0513 (2016)

Project Title : RF Characterization Enhancement of Material for 3D Printing Application

Amount : RM 20000

Co - Researcher (External)

FRGS/PRGS under Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE)

FRGS/1/2020/TK0/UNIKL/02/5 (Collaboration with UniKLBMI ) 2020

Project Title : Plasmonic resonance characteristics of Gold (Au) thin film for label free virus detection

Amount: 102000

FRGS/1/2016/TK03/UTHM/02/11 (Collaboration with UTHM ) 2016

Project Title : Determining Flow Behavior and Characterization of Quality Through Processing Condition of Injected Mold Polypropylene-Nanoclay-Gigantochloa Scortechini fibers.

Amount : RM63857